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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well, my hubby and I are off to Vegas for the Jimmy Buffett concert. We leave bright and early in the AM (exactly 5 1/2 hours). I'm all packed, but just need to decide what knitting projects I'm going to bring. I started a lace scarf - so will bring that, but I don't want to bring anything too big as it takes up too much space. I have a few hours to decide:) I'm really, really tired right now - and not thinking clearly - so I will sign off. I'll post pics as soon as we get back. Hopefully I'll have one or two projects done by the time we return... Have a great weekend

Sunday, October 22, 2006

At long last, I am finally updating my blog. My comput problems didn't get solved until mid August and it's taken me until now to finally get everything installed and organized again. What a pain in the you-know-what:) I have done quite a bit of knitting, in addition to some quilting. If I don't have a project close at hand, I will totally go nuts. I carry my knitting bag with me everywhere I go:) I'm sure most of you can relate. On the home front, we now have three kiddies in college - and all going to Washington State University (WSU). Our youngest is 14 - so thank goodness we won't be "empty nesters" for another 4 years. Our puppy, Koda (a Bernese Mountain Dog) is almost 11 months old - and now over 100 lbs. He is the cutest puppy I have ever seen - and I just love him!! I can't believe I'm saying that as I was never a dog lover. He has changed my life forever:) Between now and Christmas things are going to be busy here. I want to make quite a few knitted "items" for my family for Christmas - so I better get moving:) I'll keep you posted...
Here's the whole family. That is a bathing suit that Kelly is wearing - couldn't figure out how to "add a t-shirt" :) I really love this picture as it's the first in a long time where we're all in it. Posted by Picasa
Here's my little baby - Koda. This was taken right after we gave him a bath - and he's outside "drying off". Posted by Picasa
Another pics of my beautiful kiddies. No, they never get sick of having a camera in their faces:) Posted by Picasa
Here are my beautiful kiddies - Shannon, Kristen, Patrick, Kelly, and little Koda. Posted by Picasa
This is one of the placemats that I made - my first attempt at applique. It was a lot easier then I thought - and so much fun. I took a class at Quiltworks Northwest (in Bellevue, WA), with a great teacher - JB!! Thank you JB for a great time. I have also signed up for the class to make Christmas Ornament placemats - and can't wait!! I'll keep you posted... Posted by Picasa
I just love, love, love this pattern - the Blue Hawaii Tote (Pursenalities book). It was so much fun to knit - and can't wait to make a few more from both books - Pursenalities and Pursenalities Plus. I plan on making each of my girls one for Christmas. I want to make the Tutu bag for one (with longer handles) and still up in the air for my other two girls. Posted by Picasa
This is my Spring Forward Cardigan. Just picture this with another 6 inches done - and look at it now. I saw someone else's finished cardi and knew right away that something just wasn't right with one of my cables - so frogged it!! I haven't picked this up (other then taking this picture tonight:) since mid August, but plan on bringing it with me when we go to Vegas this thursday. (Jimmy Buffet concert - yeah, baby) I just love this pattern and the yarn so I will not give up. At least it's not the same frustration level as the afghan that I'm making my hubby. This pattern is so much fun to knit. I'll keep you all posted:) Posted by Picasa
This poor little sock wants its mate finished!! As you can tell I'm not very far along with the 2nd sock. Clearly SSS:) Can't wait to finish so I can get another pair going... Posted by Picasa
This afghan is going to be a Christmas present for my adorable hubby. I am knitting Rick - # 9. I just love all the patterns in this booklet, but it was very frustrating at first. I frogged the blasted thing 10 times (and I'm not exaggerating). I was so close to tears one night that I just wanted to toss the whole thing out. I didn't give up, though, and finally figured out my problem. There is a 15 stitch repeat and with 143 stitches OTN, I kept messing up. Well, I finally added stitch markers, (duh:) and I'm home free. This was anything but quick at the beginning. Now I have completed 7 repeats and I'm speeding along. This is my first time using Bernat satin, and I just love it!! I was in Ben Franklin Crafts a few weeks ago and noticed a baby blanket on display using this yarn - it felt heavenly. So, I'm now hooked:) Posted by Picasa
This is a sweater that I'm knitting for myself. It's a pattern from Hilltop Yarns in Seattle (I bought it at their Bellevue store), but decided to use only one color. The green yarn was going to be a wrap - but decided I wanted a sweater instead. The yarn - Blue Sky Cotton - color # 602. It's a pretty pale lime green. It is just so yummy and I can't wait to finish it. I have the back done and just started the front. Posted by Picasa
I just love, love, love these scarves!! The green one is just your basic garter stitch. It's yarn that my Mom bought - then we made them together. It was funny because we finished them on the exact same day. I started mine when I was out in New York in May - and one day when I had called her she said - guess what - I just finished my scarf. Well, I was calling her to tell her the same:) I will always cherish this scarf!! The multi scarf is another free pattern (from Tricoter LYS in Seattle) using STR yarn and 3 dirrerent angora yarns. It is so soft and so pretty.  Posted by Picasa
These are really pretty scarves. Easy and quick to knit up. It was a free pattern when you purchased the yarn from Pacific Fabrics here in Seattle. Just love these!! I made my Mom one in the pink - so had to make one for myself:) Posted by Picasa
These are all the cloths that I've knitted - 24 and counting. I still have Aug, Sept and Oct's cloths to knit (from MonthlyDishCloths) before I'm caught up. I just love knitting dishcloths as they are quick and easy. I plan on knitting a few for both of my girls that are away at college. Posted by Picasa