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Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, it's been too long since I've posted. Please excuse:) My beloved computer hasn't been working right since the beginning of June and has been "in the shop" for over two weeks now. Seems the "mother board" has gone nuts - and needs to be replaced. I have tried to be patient - but this is just getting to be too much. See how much we depend on these little machines?:) Right now I'm using my daughter, Kristens', lap top - and having a hard time - I want my computer!!! It's been a busy month - I went out to New York for a week to visit my Mom, sisters, brothers and all my beautiful nieces and nephews. My Mom has been fighting cancer - and went through 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. I just found out today that the Doctor said her tumor is gone and feels that the radiation/chemo got rid of the cancer in her lymphnodes. We'll know more on July 19th when my Mom has an MRI or Cat scan (not sure which). We are just praying that the cancer has not spread, and I feel really good about it - as does everyone else. You can't imagine the feeling when my sisters and Mom called this morning with this great news. Mom, I am so proud of you!! On to other news - while in New York I got an early morning call from Kristen. She was in tears and extreme pain. After convincing her to get my hubby up - she ended up in the ER. Long story short - she needed her gall bladder removed. The Doctors felt it was ok for her to wait until I got home for her to have the surgery. If she had had anymore attacks - or had an infection they would have removed it straight away. Everything worked out great - and now she's adjusting to life without her gall bladder. She's only 19 - and we found out that she's the youngest to have her gall bladder removed at our hospital. The Doctor told her she should feel privileged - and told her she had her Dad to thank. My hubby also had his removed and we found out that it's hereditary. Now on to my knitting news. I have been working on my Spring Forward Cardigan (and loving it), made 6 more dishcloths, finished a sock - and working on the mate, started my shawl for The Amazing Lace, and getting ready to start my Socks That Rock Club pattern. I didn't get a chance to knit over the 4th of July as we were so busy - but, this weekend will have plenty of time. On Saturday we are headed over to Pullman WA for Patrick's freshman orientation. He will be joining his two older sisters at WSU in Aug (yup, we will have three kiddies in college:). As I've done this twice before and don't relish the idea of walking up and down all those hills on campus in 100 degree weather, I've decided to stay in my comfy dorm room and knit:) The one thing I'm not looking forward to is the 5 - 51/2 hour drive each way to get to Pullman. We will hit the road bright and early at 7:00 am on Saturday morning. As soon as I get my comput back, I will post pictures - I have a lot to share. Until then...