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Sunday, October 22, 2006

This afghan is going to be a Christmas present for my adorable hubby. I am knitting Rick - # 9. I just love all the patterns in this booklet, but it was very frustrating at first. I frogged the blasted thing 10 times (and I'm not exaggerating). I was so close to tears one night that I just wanted to toss the whole thing out. I didn't give up, though, and finally figured out my problem. There is a 15 stitch repeat and with 143 stitches OTN, I kept messing up. Well, I finally added stitch markers, (duh:) and I'm home free. This was anything but quick at the beginning. Now I have completed 7 repeats and I'm speeding along. This is my first time using Bernat satin, and I just love it!! I was in Ben Franklin Crafts a few weeks ago and noticed a baby blanket on display using this yarn - it felt heavenly. So, I'm now hooked:) Posted by Picasa


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