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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tonight's the night that I decided to sit down and write in my blog. I've done a bit of knitting - mostly hats for everyone for Christmas. I made a pair of socks for the Deathbysocks yahoogroup that I'm in. I used an Opal cotton - and just love the way they came out. I'm sure my "victim" will like them. I think they'd be perfect for wearing with jeans. I'll post a pic. I've set aside some of my many other projects OTN - such as Spring Forward Cardigan, Afghan for hubby, another pair of socks - my first magic loop socks, and about 4 other projects (so I can concentrate on some upcoming socks knitting projects). I have them all in a shopping bag - and they go with me every where. I got some great knitting gifts for Christmas - set of Knitpicks needles (the whole sha-bang:), a really pretty wicker knitting basket, a ball winder and swift (love, love, love them), and two great books (from my nephew), Barbara Walkers second treasury, and Crochet Bags - fantastic. I also got a gift certificate from my Mom and sister, Franny for a LYS - Hill Top Yarns (one of my favs). I have a goal for this year - I'm going to keep track of all my knitting projects, rubber stamp projects, scrapbook pages I've completed, books I've read - and sewing projects completed. I know it's a stupid goal, but when I look back I want to know that I've accomplished all my crafty goals. My newest thing is Digital Scrapbooking - which is not going that great. I have Photoshop Elements 5.0 - and I just can't get the layering thing down. It's been frustrating - so I set it aside this past week. But, I'm not going to give up:) BTW, Project Spectrum has started up again, and the colors for Feb and Mar are blue, white and gray. A pair of socks that I'm knitting are blue - so that's one project down. Just have to think of something white and gray. I want to knit something in all three colrs for the two month spread - another little goal:) Well, I'm going to post some pics then knit some more on a piar of socks for a friend - then to bed.


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