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Sunday, October 22, 2006

At long last, I am finally updating my blog. My comput problems didn't get solved until mid August and it's taken me until now to finally get everything installed and organized again. What a pain in the you-know-what:) I have done quite a bit of knitting, in addition to some quilting. If I don't have a project close at hand, I will totally go nuts. I carry my knitting bag with me everywhere I go:) I'm sure most of you can relate. On the home front, we now have three kiddies in college - and all going to Washington State University (WSU). Our youngest is 14 - so thank goodness we won't be "empty nesters" for another 4 years. Our puppy, Koda (a Bernese Mountain Dog) is almost 11 months old - and now over 100 lbs. He is the cutest puppy I have ever seen - and I just love him!! I can't believe I'm saying that as I was never a dog lover. He has changed my life forever:) Between now and Christmas things are going to be busy here. I want to make quite a few knitted "items" for my family for Christmas - so I better get moving:) I'll keep you posted...


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