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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here's my swatch for the FLAK. I just love this color:) It took me quite a few tries to get the right filler stitch for the proper gauge.  Posted by Picasa

This yarn if for the FLAK - which is now on hold for a bit. I've been losing weight - so don't want to go with my measurements at this time. If I'm comfortable with it I might use the measurements of a sweater I already own. I do have the swatches done - so will post those also. Posted by Picasa

This is the yarn for the Spring Forward Cardigan - which I will start within the next two weeks. I like to have a few bigger projects going at the same time - so I can change off. I'm still trying to finish two other projects before I jump into this, my mermaid and the MSA3. As far as little projects - I always have a pair of socks, one baby sweater, and at least one dishcloth OTN. These are great projects to bring with me whenever I leave the house as I hate to be bored. And, no, I don't drive and knit at the sametime:) Posted by Picasa

I just love this color, and will end up being the Mystery Shawl Along 3. This is another that I want to get started within the next couple of weeks - as this will be for my Mom. I know I won't get it done by the time I leave for NY - but will bring it with me. My Mom likes to have something over her shoulders and thought this would be perfect. Posted by Picasa

Yes, I'm going to make a Hanne Faulkenberg:) I decided on the mermaid - and just love the colors I chose. This is one of the big projects I'm going to start within the next couple of weeks. Posted by Picasa

This little stash is to make Chemo Caps for my Mom. She just started radiation and chemo last week, so I want to get started on some caps - and thought she'd like the bright colors. Someone from one of the yahoogroups I'm on mentioned that she uses Microspun for the chemo caps she knits as they are very soft. I'll give it a try. I have a few different patterns in mind - and I'm hoping to have them finished by the time I go out to New York in mid-May. Posted by Picasa

This is my first Clappy - I used a hand painted merino superwash which I bought at a LYS - so I can't remember the specifics. Anyway, since this clappy, I knitted 3 others and have the last OTN. I enjoy making them - but after I finish this next one I will need a break for awhile. I really want to make four more - one for each of my sisters. I'll start those in Aug. The others I made were for two of my daughters and my Mom. The Clappy OTN is for my youngest daughter. Posted by Picasa

Here's another picture of the baby sweater (and the one booty:). The buttons have little sailboats on them. It's very cute - and a lot of fun to knit. Posted by Picasa

Here is my Knitting Olympics projects - baby afghan, Yvette's garter stitch baby sweater (based on Beribboned Eyelet Design), and a baby booty. Yes, there's only one there at the moment. Somehow I misplaced one little, tiny booty. If I can't find it - thankfully I have more yarn - so I'll make another. I best hurry and get this sent out before the baby weighs 20 lbs:) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thought I would keep track of my weight loss. In January I joined a fitness club in Seattle area (The Pro Club) and started exercising. My husband has been a member for about 13 years. The kids and I were members at the "Y" - but as nobody was going decided to cancel our membership there - and just join me at The Pro Club. I also joined a program within The Pro Club called 20/20 Lifestyles. It's a weight loss program - I meet with a trainer 3 times a week, see a dietician once a week, go to group meetings, watch a series of videos, (I think there are about 70 of them), meal track, and see a Doctor every 5 weeks. It honestly feels like a part time job - because, in addition, to exercising three times with my trainer, I also have to exercise two other days. I really love it, and I'm having so much fun. When I started the program all I was eating was 4 protein shakes a day plus 2 servings of protein (chicken, beef, etc) and 1 T peanut butter. In addition I would add 1/2 cup berries to each shake, and take 3 different vitamins. The first week was great - had no problems at all. And, to be honest, it's been pretty easy throughout the past 9 weeks (I'm in my 10th week). Each week (on tues - that's when I meet with my dietician) a food group is added back in. The first week is veggies, then dairy, then most types of fruit (bananas are still out), next was beans and finally grains. You start out with 1 grain and each week increase by 1. So now I can have 3 grains a day. You gradually cut down to 0-1 shakes and less protein. I still can't have potatoes, white rice, a couple of fruits, baked beans - and some other foods that I can't remember at the moment. I have learned so much. Just loosing 36 lbs has lowered my blood pressure - and I feel so much healthier, and stronger. I'm loving it. Anyway, thought I'd share...
Until I figure out how to place the "ticker" somewhere at the top of my blog - I'll just keep updating here.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Here's Dusty. What a gentle and loving kitty he was. We will miss you Dust-boy!!  Posted by Picasa

Here's Kelly and Maulder Posted by Picasa

Here's Kelly and Patrick with Koda - all 34 lbs of him. When we got him he weighed 15 lbs. He's going to be a big boy. Posted by Picasa

not only are my two kiddies beautiful, but just look at my beautiful comfortghan. Thanks sistas:) Posted by Picasa
I finally got my knitting Olympic project done a week ago. I fell short (way short:) of the gold, but very pleased with the outcome (pictures will come in a few days). I know my cousin will like the baby blanket, sweater and booties. Thought I would post a few pictures. The first is a picture of my son and youngest daughter holding a comfortghan (which I received from one of my yahoogroups - DISHCLOTHSRUS). What a great group of ladies - and the afghan is just beautiful. Thank you:) I will treasure it always. The next couple of pictures are my son and youngest daughter with our new puppy Koda and our cat Maulder. Yes, the puppy has doubled in size. The final picture is of our cat Dusty - who we just lost on March 31st (my hubbies 50th birthday). We love and miss you, Dusty. He came down sick last Tuesday - and he was gone by Friday. It was very sudden and unexpected.

As far as my knitting, I almost have my Triangular Shawl done - and will continue work on the chocolate brown baby blanket. I have some smaller projects to finish up then will start a couple of other big projects. One is the FLAK (I do have the swatches done), the Spring Forward Cardigan, and the Irish Hiking Scarf. I will be busy:)

OOPS, forgot the pictures post from the bottom up. Still learning - but at least they're here. I'll take more pictures of my finished projects in a few days. My goal is to keep up with my blog and not let a month pass before posting again. Not even sure where March went:)